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28 Novembro, 2008

«A França no seu melhor», pelo Miguel Noronha;

«O segredo dos jornalistas», pela f.

«O imposto de selo revisitado», no economia&finanças

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  1. lucklucky permalink
    28 Novembro, 2008 18:05


    Today @ 09:21 CET

    France’s sports minister, Bernard Laporte, warned on Thursday (27 November) that English football pre-eminence was getting out of hand and that Brussels needs to referee the situation.

    “We see European competitions between participants of two or three nations,” he told a two-day summit of EU sports ministers. “Where is the uncertainty in such a sporting contest?”

    English clubs have been in the last four finals of the UEFA Champions League, winning twice and runners up three times. Critics in France and in UEFA complain that lax financial rules in the UK allow teams to borrow heavily to attract more top players and to regularly increase salaries to keep them, while stricter regulation in other European jurisdictions prevents similar action.

    The French EU presidency has complained this is unfair and that the EU – which has no mandate to legislate around sport – should step in and regulate.

    “Certain things are out of hand and we cannot deal with them just on a national level,” Mr Laporte said, according to reports from Bloomberg news.”

    Quando um tipo pensava que tinha lido de tudo chega uma destas…”está tudo doido”.


  2. lucklucky permalink
    28 Novembro, 2008 18:27

    Court: Sarkozy Voodoo doll should not be stabbed

    PARIS – A French appeals court says Voodoo dolls of President Nicolas Sarkozy may remain on sale, but must carry a notice saying that pricking them harms the president’s dignity.


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